Friday, October 07, 2011

Not Many Birds but loadsamoney nearby

EIDB is a strange place to go birding. When the rest of London's skies can be darkened by the number of birds, or birds are falling from the bushes, this site can devoid of birds and any amount of time looking will produce virtually nothing. But sometimes when the rest of London is quiet it can produce a corker, such as last weeks Barred Warbler. Also EIDB is generally quiet, very few people or dogs (though it does have its mad moments) and one can happily spend hours in perfect isolation. But one thing troubles me, and thats its in close proximity to Canary Wharf. Yes there they are, the Banks, HSBC, Barclays and the rest, looming over the site, always in view. Those dark satanic blocks of steel and glass, those bastions of greed and avarice, and now more quantitative easing, which is basically another bank bail-out of 75Billion. And what will the banks do with it, same as the last lot, spunk it against the wall.
Today the wind moved to the north west and there was a nip in air, but the Thames was still very quiet. There was next to no visible migration apart from one flock of 22 Meadow Pipits which flew south, which in true EIDB style turned out to be our largest count on record. Teal numbers have now reached three figures but there seems to have been a clear out of some species, with no Warblers and Common Sandpipers (upto seven of late) recorded.

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