Sunday, October 09, 2011

Come on feel the noise

In my last post i mentioned how quiet EIDB could be, well the quiet was shattered today, not by dogs or loads of people on the site but by a rave in a nearby warehouse at Leamouth. Music was blasting across the area and the bass was throbbing. I am not averse to loud music, I am partial to a bit of Sonic Youth or Deerhunter, but as a background to early Sunday morning birding, well I think Clifford T Ward would be more appropriate. While on the subject of music it was sad to hear the passing of Bert Jansch this week. A brilliant guitarist and a great man with an interest in birds. In 1978 he made an instrumental album called Avocet, which was series of compositions inspired by various bird species including Avocet, Kittiwake and Bittern.
The birding today was uninspiring, just 30 Teal, a couple of Meadow Pipits, a Ring-necked Parakeet ( a bit of a rarity here) two Blackcaps, an increase in Blackbirds and Song Thrushes and three Common Sandpipers on Bow Creek. October can be one of the most diverse months for birds but we need to get rid of these sodding westerly winds.

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