Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Three Broods. Tuesday 2nd August

This morning was one of heavy showers until about 9am, conditions that have in the past produced a few interesting sightings. Swifts can appear, but true to form at EIDB there were not any Swifts, though two House Martins flew north. Seven Common Terns were on the Thames, though still no juveniles. There were a number of young Reed Warblers still being fed by the adults and a few leaf warblers moving through the scrub.
The highlight today was the emergence from the nest hole of three young Sand Martins at 09.10 just after the rain stopped and the sun came out. This is the third brood from this nest site and presumably the same pair, which is some going. Sand Martins are usually only two brooded. Two Oystercatchers flew over coming from Bow Creek. This species has been much more in evidence this spring and summer and it is possible that a pair is/has nested close by.

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