Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Long Stint but no Waders

Overcast skies, a northerly wind and a rising tide, these conditions have produced Terns and Waders on the Thames in previous late July's. So I settled down for a 3-4 hour watch. The first two hours produced just a few Gulls and two lone Common Terns. Eventually two groups of Common Terns (6 and 5) did pass through going west, but that was it after three and a half hours and not a wader in sight.
The rest of the area was also quiet, Wildfowl were down on recent weeks and there were no Waders on Bow Creek at high tide. Two Sand Martins were still at the dock and three Whitethroats were in the Northern Scrub. About 60+ Starlings were moving around the area and a Kestrel was hunting over Orchard Wharf. But a generally disappointing visit.

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