Monday, April 02, 2012

Dead Weather

Clear skies are back again. The cloudy conditions on Saturday did produce a few birds, but this morning there were no fresh migrants to be found. Its said that with clear skies migrants fly straight through, but you would expect the breeding birds to arrive. In general this has not happened, there is no sign of our breeding Sand Martins. So this points to a problem with birds getting through. There could be a blocking high pressure system in the Channel and North Sea, or maybe problems further south in Europe or Africa. The weather is due for a big change with cloudy cold and damp conditions fuelled by a NE wind. It does not sound to promising but has to better than of late.
I spent some time on the site today and the point of interest was 6 Common Sandpipers at roost on Bow Creek. There have been good numbers overwintering on this site but some these could be migrants. This recent weather has been good for raptor sightings so I spent over an hour watching the sky and produced nothing, though I did record a Sparrowhawk flying low over the dock.


  1. I'm planning to visit the area soon to see the sandpipers-are the Kingfishers still around?. Also, I notice that high sightings of waders are consistently reported from Gallions reach, I go there a lot with my scope but never see them. I visit around midday usually, with high and low tides. I usually just watch from the viewing area at the end of Atlantis ave, and occasionally walk upriver. Is this the wrong place, or am I just very unlucky?


    1. Kingfishers have left the site. Waders at Gallions Reach are best seen at low tide or a rising tide. Many can be seen on the shore just upriver from Atlantis Ave, or flying along the river to roost, though many are now leaving the area for the northern breeding grounds. Also you do have put a bit of time in and at high tide waders can hard to find.