Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild Place Your Space: The Final Countdown

Sunday 5th June saw this venture at EIDB draw to a close. Fifty Four bird species were recorded, with the highlights undoubtably the five records of Mediterranean Gull seen on four different days. Before this there had only been seven records of this species in twelve years. All but one of the records having been during late spring and summer. Another species that was seen more than usual was the Oystercatcher. Usually seen in the area upto early May, there were a number of sigthings suggesting that perhaps a breeding attempt is taking place nearby. The area confirmed its reputation for a lack of Swifts, with just five being recorded in 42 hours of watching!. Overall it was a worthwhile project, during a quiet time for bird sightings. Somewhere around 800 people passed through, who will hopefully now know what an excellent place EIDB is for wildlife, and that can only be good for its future.

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